the context

Innovative companies are regularly confronted with scale-up issues.

This ramping requires a perfect preparation from a technical and business perspective.
In particular, mastering industrial processes is instrumental to success.

This expertise in process, coupled with sound references in innovation, maximizes the chances of success.

industrial DNA

An industrial DNA

process mastering

A process mastering

360° approach

A 360° approach

the positioning

Process Angel helps companies developing an innovative project in order to:

  • To accelerate their industrialisation and market entry,
  • To secure industrialisation milestones,,
  • To maximise the chances of success.

  • The accelerator is intended for:

    un accélérateur pour les startups


    To help them realise every steps of their projects, from feasibility to industrial production and market launch; especially preparing fundraising.
    un accélérateur pour les industriels


    SMEs / ETI and Major Groups that wish to create new opportunities, for example with new production lines, but also for productivity improvement projects, debottlenecking, tolling…

    An accelerator for industrialisation

    Spurred on INEVO Technologies, 4 key players pooled their skills to bring a 360° support to companies in their industrialisation projects.

    This initiative is built on the industrial expertise of INEVO Technologies. Since more than 10 years, it suppport industrials and start-ups in the up-scale of their manufacturing processes.

    This cluster of skills, combined with a proven methodology, aims at maximising the success of industrialization.

    the key-partners

    The expertise of Process Angel relies on the complementary skills of key-partners:

    Inevo Technologies

    Technical expertise

    Process Engineering
    Axelera - Axel'One

    R&D and Industrial network
    Competitiveness cluster
    Collaborative platform

    Factory of the future

    Innovation expertise

    Funding, IP, markets…

    Private funding expertise

    Access to investors
    Strategic alliance

      Anthony Ruiz, Inevo Technologies

    Anthony RUIZ

    15 years experience in Processes Engineering
    Since 2005, CEO and founder of INEVO Technologies - Process Engineering
    SME representative and VP Investments of the Axelera cluster
      Albin Jourda, Frenchcleantech

    Albin JOURDA

    15 years experience in finance and valuation of Cleantech industries / technologies
    Since 2008, founder and CEO of FRENCH CLEANTECH
    Creator of the 1st platform dedicated to French Cleantech companies (over 250)
    Expert & Consultant for many "Family Officies"
      Didier Bonnet, Axel'One

    Didier BONNET

    15 years experience in R&D, processes development and collaborative / open-innovation R&D programs
    Executive Director of Axel'One, collaborative innovation platform specialised in Chemistry and Environment
    Catalysis, bio-catalysis and intermediates processes of the chemical industry
      Louis Veyret, Dynergie

    Louis VEYRET

    23 years of experience dedicated to innovation and investment
    Since 2009, CEO and co-founder of Dynergie Group - Service company dedicated to innovation
    Since 2009, CEO and co-founder of CAPELIA – Investment company composed of entrepreneurs
      Jean-Manuel Mas, Axelera

    Jean-Manuel MAS

    35 years of experience dedicated to the support of R&D and to the emergence of innovative projects.
    Managing Director of AXELERA since 2014

    the market

    industrialisation of processes for cleantech


    industrialisation of processes for chemistry


    industrialisation of processes for biotech



    industrialisation of processes for materials


    industrialisation of processes for recycling


    industrialisation of processes for agro and pharma


    industrialisation of processes for dermo-cosmetic

    Water, air, soil

    industrialisation of processes for water, air, soil


    industrialisation of processes for energetic efficiency

    the process

    Phase 1
    An industrial expertise to the audit the innovative project

    Pre-selection of applications
    pre-selection of applications

    Technical audit

    Inevo Technologies
    Preliminary studies
    preliminary studies

    Financial audit


    Market audit


    Structure audit

    Axelera - Axel'One
    Preliminary studies
    études préliminaires

    Phase 2
    Implementation of the action plan

    An accompaniment by a Process Angel's Project Manager (timeshare).

    A robust process that adapts to the specificities of each project.

    A service "à la carte"



    Process design (choice of technology - engineering - HSE support)
    Definition of the pilot / industrial unit (equipment sizing)
    Coaching to achievement
    Definition of OPEX and CAPEX
    Synthesis, layout, characterisation and modeling of materials
    Industrial catalysis and industrial analysis
    Process optimization (robustness analysis)


    Validation of market potential, identification of new opportunities
    Work on development assumptions and business plan
    Definition of usage studies
    Business model

    Business model

    Definition of the business model and of the key success factors
    Work on the 3-year financing plan
    Setting-up of the innovation protection strategy


    Public funds (BPI, french tech grants, CIR, CII, JEI)
    Private investments
    Industrial partnership
    Coaching in the drafting and presentation of the application
    Coaching et réseau

    Coaching and networking

    Networking with future partners (Exp: collaborative projects Montage) / customers
    Detection of new business opportunities and / or technologies
    R&D hosting and management tools
    Support in laboratories or pilot set-up
    Access to shared tools for scale-up

    10 years coaching with our partners

    alderys alkeus global-bioenergies smart-inst
    enerfa EMD gramitherm onet-technologies
    lactips mathym BGH ivea-solutio
    stratoz wave-star-energy danfoss thetis
    zelup arysta-lifescience exstream-engineering memtech
      ecoat cfd-numerics  

    to contact us

    Process Angel

    Rond Point De L'Echangeur De Solaize
    69360 Solaize

    Phone: +33 (0)4 28 27 04 51


    Aymeric Ruiz

    Aymeric Ruiz

    Associate Managing Director
    Anthony Ruiz

    Anthony Ruiz

    Associate President

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